The Necessary Explosive Reaction to the Feminine

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Roeland Park Community Center

$15 members
$15 students

Our world is full of unrest—political, social, spiritual, and financial. Is anything predictable? In other words, is there a safe place to land? In this presentation, we will acknowledge the regressive, adolescent, me-first mentality of our dominant political power base and the vulgar treatment of the feminine. Then, we will review how Jung, responding to the pre- and post-WWII chaos, offers a roadmap of how to navigate these turbulent times. In fact, he provides a warning that if we don’t consciously, and with intention, turn things around, the world could suffer destruction.

The task set before humanity to ward off destruction is to embrace wholeness. Being mindful of the multidimensionality of wholeness is crucial, and is accomplished, in part, through the recognition of structures of four-foldedness. Wholeness, represented by the quaternary structure of the Psyche, has the power to move humanity toward warding off destruction. Philosophies, both ancient and modern, will illuminate aspects of this multifaceted nature. Such awareness supports the bridging necessary for methods available in this quest for wholeness.

Current astrological influences will be highlighted. This will include, but not be limited to the following: references found in the cosmos, sacred geometry, energies of destiny, and the movement from being possessed to being influenced by the archetypal realms. Just as the art of storytelling found in the Grimms’ Fairy Tales brings forth the quest for wholeness, an original work of art produced by 3 very angry teenage boys depicting their rage at the feminine will be analyzed to bring mindfulness to this quest and to the necessity of having both the feminine and masculine being fully expressed—expressed from both the Lilith and Eve perspectives.

Lois Wilkins, PhD, APRN, is a Theorist, Depth Psychotherapist, Researcher and Consultant; owner of the Eagle’s Nest Holistic Mental Health Practice, Inc. with offices in Lawrence and DeSoto, Kansas. Currently, her publishing, analysis and illustration of the Grimms Fairy Tales translated by Gary Hartman can be found on her website. In addition to her private practice, she teaches classes to deepen the understanding of depth psychology.

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