Embark with us on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey

Come see our stage play!

You’ll not want to miss the stage play “Gates In and Out” which will be performed in 3 weeks — May 2 & 3. The play is based on the Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey made famous by mythologist Joseph Campbell. The “Journey” is a recurring mythological motif which can be seen in myths from around the world as well as in plays, movies, and stories of all kinds.

The play is written by Lola Wilcox and directed by Chuck Wilcox who will be coming to KC from Denver. The lead role, EverySoul, will be played by Ken Buch. Supporting roles will be played by Diana Midyett (a past FOJ board member), Penny Themis (from VALA Gallery), Judy Wright, Lola Wilcox, and Chuck Wilcox.

See here for all the details. And, please pass on the word about this play. Post to your Facebook account and tweet to your friends. It is a very important aspect of our humanity and yet is neglected by many cultures.

For those wanting to go even deeper into the journey and it’s personal aspects, join us on Saturday for a workshop hosted by the playwright and director Lola and Chuck.

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