If you could ask him one question

As I look forward to Greg Rieke’s Sept. 19 presentation about his visit to C.G. Jung’s home, I wonder:  What would it be like to actually visit with Jung now, if he came back in holographic form — like Jodie Foster’s father in in the movie “Contact”?

If I could ask him just one question, what would I ask?  That’s an easy question for me, since my feature documentary film, “What Is Synchronicity?” is almost complete.  I would ask for his feedback about my film.  Based on responses I’ve received from previewers of the film, I hope for a favorable review.  Nonetheless, I also hear my father complex saying something like, “(Jung) had better like it.  I worked my butt off for years making it.”  He might chuckle, and maybe he would say that I left a lot of material on the cutting room floor.  I would say, “OK, I know. I’m on it.  That’s material for the sequel!”

Further, I wonder what Jung would want from his visit here.  Would he long to be here now to more completely explore certain issues?  Would he be better equipped to explain certain things to us?  The cultural times limited his ability to approach the controversial subject of synchronicity when he was alive.  He would probably love the discussion and interest generated by the subject since then.  Of course, what we do with Jung’s ideas is up to us; and what his ideas want with us has a life of its own, too.

What question would you pose to Jung if you could?  Or what do you think he would ask you?
Please share your questions below, and come see what Greg discovered during his visit to Jung’s home.

Board member David Strabala, LCSW

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