Three Poems by Paul Goldman

The Touch So Vital

Though my arms
cannot hold you,
nor console you,

let’s each reach out anyway
with a roaring river of faith,
knowing that love sent

flows to you, through you
out to the world and back
home again, your arms,

my arms, the Beloved’s
arms, all encircling
each of us in a woolen

blanket of social embrace,
so that yet though our distance
is physical, our presence

with each of us is the vital touch,
our hearts are longing to hold


For This Fever

For this fever,
there is no cure,

you best be careful
or you might just catch it.

This fever is both divine
and of my Divine, for She

has enveloped me
in a wave of heat

and passion, lest
I forget just where

I came from or
the realm where I will

surely return.  In this fever,
in this fervor, I know

I am forever blessed
and all is going according

to a plan most Divine.


Pause for Life

Perhaps a pause
for life, precious life
is underway.

A chance to pull back,
to reevaluate the essential
and non-essential.

For in the end, what will
matter most is the beauty of
a flower, a sunset sky

and an enraptured break
of dawn. Perhaps, a pause
for life, precious life is

underway.  A sacred second
chance to see anew with
unencumbered grateful eyes

just what we hold dear.
You and I on bended knee
come together as one pause.

Paul Goldman, MS, is a former therapist and published poet.  His most recent collection, Silence Speaks, was published in 2018 by GenZ Publishing, Aberdeen NJ. Find out more at

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