Upcoming Zoom Program

“Individuating Ghosts of Halloween”

We are feeling the heat these days, whether it’s a climate crisis with drought and wildfires or the uncertain pressures of COVID-19 and politics.  Like it or not, we are cooking with or being cooked in many unfamiliar vessels, challenging our creativity and poise.  Two ancient vessels, however, labyrinth and story, may hold modern potential to forge something meaningful from the chaos.  Those two vessels will walk together in a labyrinth-disguised story, that is, a story with multiple stories, winding back and forth with dilemmas, ghosts and tricks.  The resulting treat will be your own experience of C.G. Jung’s individuation process, as we navigate the territory between outside collective forces and inside archetypal powers to discover unique expressions of the Self.  During this virtual (Zoom) gathering Oct. 29 (7-9 pm), we will stir the deeper meanings of the stories, how they touched you, and explore individuation, alchemy, zombies and related topics that may say, “boo.”  Costumes are optional!

David Strabala, LCSW, serves full-time as a counselor to teens and their families through the Clay County Juvenile Office.  He is also a storyteller and director of the award-winning feature documentary, “What Is Synchronicity?”  He is planning an on-line class in the Spring to amplify and personalize the material in his documentary.  He can be reached by email at dstrabala@gmail.com.

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