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A visit to Jung’s home

This Friday is our 2014/15 program year kick-off. We are very pleased to have Greg Rieke, FOJ president emeritus, sharing with us about his trip to Jung’s home in Kusnacht. You can read all the details here.

Please note that this event is at the Roeland Park Community Center. Here is a map to the location. There is plenty of off-street parking next to the building.

Also, there will be a social and fellowship time after Greg’s presentation. I hope you’ll stay and join us as we rekindle old friendships and start making new ones.

If you could ask him one question

As I look forward to Greg Rieke’s Sept. 19 presentation about his visit to C.G. Jung’s home, I wonder:  What would it be like to actually visit with Jung now, if he came back in holographic form — like Jodie Foster’s father in in the movie “Contact”?

If I could ask him just one question, what would I ask?  That’s an easy question for me, since my feature documentary film, “What Is Synchronicity?” is almost complete.  I would ask for his feedback about my film.  Based on responses I’ve received from previewers of the film, I hope for a favorable review.  Nonetheless, I also hear my father complex saying something like, “(Jung) had better like it.  I worked my butt off for years making it.”  He might chuckle, and maybe he would say that I left a lot of material on the cutting room floor.  I would say, “OK, I know. I’m on it.  That’s material for the sequel!”

Further, I wonder what Jung would want from his visit here.  Would he long to be here now to more completely explore certain issues?  Would he be better equipped to explain certain things to us?  The cultural times limited his ability to approach the controversial subject of synchronicity when he was alive.  He would probably love the discussion and interest generated by the subject since then.  Of course, what we do with Jung’s ideas is up to us; and what his ideas want with us has a life of its own, too.

What question would you pose to Jung if you could?  Or what do you think he would ask you?
Please share your questions below, and come see what Greg discovered during his visit to Jung’s home.

Board member David Strabala, LCSW

Make it Dinner and a Movie … errr … Dinner and a Play

So, you all know we’re producing the stage play “Gates In and Out” on May 2 and 3. Well, the deal just got sweeter!

Treat yourself to dinner at Collection before the play and receive 10% off your total bill. For those who have been sleeping next to Rumpelstiltskin for the last 20 years, Collection is the second concept by award-winning, TV-appearing chef Celina Tio. The food and drink are fantastic and will be the perfect amusebouche for the fantastic play to follow.

Simply present your play ticket or give the password “EverySoul, aka Ken Buch, sent me” and you’ll receive the 10% discount.

Just don’t let the food tempt you too much and forget to walk up to the 2nd floor for the play.

Embark with us on Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey

Come see our stage play!

You’ll not want to miss the stage play “Gates In and Out” which will be performed in 3 weeks — May 2 & 3. The play is based on the Hero’s/Heroine’s Journey made famous by mythologist Joseph Campbell. The “Journey” is a recurring mythological motif which can be seen in myths from around the world as well as in plays, movies, and stories of all kinds.

The play is written by Lola Wilcox and directed by Chuck Wilcox who will be coming to KC from Denver. The lead role, EverySoul, will be played by Ken Buch. Supporting roles will be played by Diana Midyett (a past FOJ board member), Penny Themis (from VALA Gallery), Judy Wright, Lola Wilcox, and Chuck Wilcox.

See here for all the details. And, please pass on the word about this play. Post to your Facebook account and tweet to your friends. It is a very important aspect of our humanity and yet is neglected by many cultures.

For those wanting to go even deeper into the journey and it’s personal aspects, join us on Saturday for a workshop hosted by the playwright and director Lola and Chuck.

Upcoming program

Beyond Drawing

with Darlene Victoria de Lyon

Join us for a series of very special drawing exercises designed to take us “Beyond Drawing,” beyond our mechanical nature, our mechanical way of observing and processing impressions. Working with attention, observation, and focusing on the whole of one’s self as one fluid process will be the aim. These exercises help one to be in touch with what is most important when making art. It is a matter of which part of us is active and which is passive. Students will walk away with some valuable experiences to use in ones’ art and/or self-discovery practice.

All levels of drawing abilities are welcome. Feel free to bring a drawing board if you have one.

We will break for lunch and eat at Eden Alley (next door to the meeting room), Dutch treat.

March 22, 2014 from 9am – 3pm
Unity Temple on the Plaza
707 W 47th St, KC MO 64112

Contact Darlene at:

Regular: $70.00
Member: $55.00
Student: $55.00

*The price of the workshop includes a $5 materials fee.

Darlene Victoria de Lyon, a practicing Kansas City artist, holds a BFA in painting from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. She has had one person shows and installations and has instructed all ages in making art. A former KC Friends of Jung board member, she co-led the popular workshop, “Experiencing Mandala” with Lisa Whitlow. She currently leads a study group, “Art: In Theory and in Practice.”



Welcome to the new KC Friends of Jung website!

There are still a few little bugs and I still need to make some more tweaks but it’s mostly functional. Plus, since the brochures are being delivered, I wanted you all to be able to pre-register for our exciting programs we have lined up for you this year.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for September 15 — our kick-off with Susan Rowland.

Enjoy the new site and your feedback is very welcome.