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“Humility” by Marty Dybicz

It’s such a challenging time! There are so many ways that our world has changed and is changing, and these churn up our outer lives and our inner lives. It’s no small matter to stay aware and open, to work toward owning our shadow, discovering and getting free from our complexes, integrating and individuating.

It was very challenging for me to read Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson. It is a brilliant spelling out of how the United States has been and is a caste system, a deeply unconscious power hierarchy that rigidly and tenaciously keeps Whites at the top and Blacks at the bottom. She makes legitimate and disturbing comparisons between our caste system and those of India and Nazi Germany. It was very hard for me to stay in touch with the horror and pain of what has been done to so many people, and to feel the ways I have been unconsciously indoctrinated into the system and its injustice and cruelty. The process of reading and feeling and facing truths broke my heart again and again, and it humbled me at a very deep level.

Something in me could feel that this process was strangely beneficial, a gut-wrenching transition into greater honesty with my self and a much-needed deflation of a tendency to regard myself as much further along than I actually am. It’s nice to be acknowledging this amongst my Jungian friends. Thank you for being there and reading this.

In a time like this, the opportunities for understanding and growth are plentiful. May we support one another in learning about ourselves and taking steps toward our healing and our becoming the actual, unique whole persons that we are. Blessings to us all.