“American Icarus” and “America on the Couch” with Pythia Peay

2:00 pm CST - 3:30 pm CST

Prospero's Books

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On Sunday at 2 PM, Washington D.C. journalist and author Pythia Peay will speak about her two new books: American Icarus: A Memoir of Father and Country and America on the Couch: Psychological Perspectives on American Politics and Culture. A native of the Kansas City area, she will discuss the iconic American life of her Greatest Generation father, Joe Carroll: a charismatic Irish charmer who overcame a childhood marked by poverty and a Dickensian twist-of-fate to fly the globe during World War II, and then for the Kansas City-based airline, TWA—while also raising four children with his Argentine-born wife, and farming 200 acres of farmland located in Oak Grove. But Joe was also an incurable alcoholic who struggled in the everyday world of family and intimate relationships, and Peay will also discuss the remarkable end-of-life redemption that occurred as her father lay dying, After his death, she set out on a quest to understand the sources of his suffering, interviewing family members, psychologists, and railroad, aviation and Air Force historians. She will read two Christmas-themed selections from her book describing the family tragedy that fatefully shaped her father’s—and her own—life story. Peay will also read several selections from her interviews with psychologists in America on the Couch that touch on current events, such as addiction, the environment, immigration, gun violence, and the soul of America.

There will be limited copies of both books at the event for purchase so please consider purchasing copies and bringing them with you for Pythia to sign. Both books can be purchased on Amazon. Also, the publisher is offering a 15% discount if you purchase directly through them: you can call Lantern Books at 703.661.1594 to receive the discount.

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