Individuation (must be present to win)

7:00 pm CDT - 9:00 pm CDT

Roeland Park Community Center

Price $20
members: $15
students: $10

We are each more than what our usual conscious self can possibly realize. Much more! Our friend and intrepid inner explorer, Carl Jung, discovered a great many things within his own depths and became able to spell out some aspects of the wondrous process of Self-realization he called “individuation.” It is now up to us to engage our own individuation process, to discover more of our whole, true, unknown self and what it can do, and take this great evolution to the next level. We and our world desperately need for each of us to do our unique part.

Tonight, we will gather to explore and discover more about ourself, to take our next steps in the company of friends. There will be special music and stories and poems, individual reflection and writing exercises (all voluntary), and, of course, more. Please bring your favorite writing materials.

After a story and opening exercise, we will briefly review the Jungian model. One of the most central activities of the evening will be discovering how to be more fully present more of the time in our daily lives, using The Mandala of Being process developed by Richard Moss. There will be time for questions and discussions, a break midway, and a set of handouts with more resources and references for taking your process further.

Please join us in discovering … more.

NOTE: Marty will be supplying handouts at the program. To ensure there will be enough for everyone, please pre-register or let me know that you will be attending and paying at the door.

Marty Dybicz, Ph.D., will facilitate the evening. He is a licensed psychologist with many years experience and a very active individuation process of his own.

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