Silent Auction

Silent Auction Fundraiser

for the

Kansas City Friends of Jung


Triptych Painting:

Maiden, Mother, and Crone


Current Bid: $500


The Silent Auction is ongoing through February 2014

You may buy the painting outright for $3000 at any time

Bid in increments of $50

To bid, email your bid and contact info to

Questions may be addressed to Ken Buch at


 KC Friends of Jung Fundraiser


About the painting

The triptych painting depicts the three primary phases of the feminine: maiden, mother and crone. The Goddess predates most modern religions and with that in mind the artist has used colors that are reminiscent of cave walls giving the painting an earthbound feeling. Interspersed with the primary images are symbols often found associated with the Goddess.

About the Donor

Gloria J. Fawl, PhD., was a long time member of the Kansas City Friends of Jung. In her role as clinical psychologist, she maintained a very successful private practice in addition to work at the Kansas City Free Clinic. In 2003, Fawl commissioned Kansas City artist Elaine Mills to do a painting that would capture aspects of the feminine. Mills finished the painting Aspects of the Feminine: Maiden, Mother Crone in 2003. Dr. Fawl was so pleased with the work that she threw a huge party celebrating its installation into her home.

Because of health issues in 2011, Dr. Fawl found herself having to downsize and move to the St. Louis area. Before she left for her new home she asked her friend and fellow member of the Friends of Jung Elaine Mills, to take the painting and at an appropriate time donate it to the Friends to use as a fund raising project. This was Dr. Fawl’s way of giving back to an organization where she had attended many rewarding workshops. To this end the time has come to find a new home for this painting.




About the Artist

Born in 1945, Elaine Mills moved from her desert home in Las Vegas to Kansas City in 1980. She has studied art all of her adult life by visiting museums and galleries on three continents and by reading books by and about artists. On numerous occasions she has traveled across the country to see the work of specific artists. Hofmann, Krasner, Kandinsky, Matisse, Joan Mitchell, Rothko, and Van Gogh are among her favorite artists. After years of being a bystander in the art world, Elaine took the plunge and started painting in 1995. She has studied with Philomene Bennett for 10 years and has exhibited extensively throughout the Kansas City Area, California, Nebraska, and Kansas. In addition she is the author of The War on Women, Taos: Land of Magic, Florentine Fragments, and collaborated on the Crack in the Egg with Jane Booth and Deborah Wilson.